Noise Control: Managing Noise during Commercial Demolition Projects

When you are tearing down a building, completing maintenance work, or building a new building, noise is always going to be part of the equation. Metal parts, big machines, and long hours are all involved, which does not always result in the most serene project environment. While unavoidable, the right demolition team in Edmonton will make every effort to minimize disturbances and complete noisy parts of the job during the least obtrusive times. Demolition work is messy and noisy, but Revlyn Demolition & Recycling Ltd. will work with you to keep things moving forward, as quietly and conveniently as possible.

Contact Revlyn Demolition & Recycling Ltd. for thoughtful project management, custom commercial demolition and sustained support, from planning through to cleanup. We take every precaution necessary for safety, success, sustainability, and noise control. Rely on our expertise developed over 40 years of reputable work in Edmonton.

Noise Control Methods for Demolition in Edmonton

The last thing you need on top of a major construction undertaking or commercial demolition is a noise complaint. Our team has years of experience keeping the peace while completing loud jobs. Here are three noise reducing strategies we use to manage sound travel and volume levels when we complete work:

  • Restrict Working Hours: We work with key project timelines and strict deadlines. We also time our work to minimize disruption. Reasonable working hours ensure that the neighbours are not woken up or kept awake by loud demolition work. Let us know about any local concerns, such as nearby places of worship or particular neighbours, and we will do our best to schedule use of the loudest machinery to minimize disturbance.
  • Noise Level Limits: Noise pollution can be monitored and controlled by recording noise levels throughout the day. Periodic check-ins and adjustments will be made to continually make our job site less obtrusive and reduce or eliminate excessive noise whenever and however possible.
  • Best Practicable Means: This broad area of noise control is a reflection of our overall dedication to quality and customer service. Taking steps such as machinery maintenance, limiting radio use, and keeping up to date with the latest technology and tools available allows us to improve and limit sound issues. We are always considering new improvements and best practices so that we can continue to offer you the best service and sound control at our commercial demolition sites.

Work with a Conscientious Demolition Team in Edmonton
Revlyn Demolition & Recycling Ltd. offers dedicated services through every stage of your commercial demolition. Decades of reliable service have made us a leading company for infrastructure and tear-down projects. Our portfolio includes everything from residential homes to industrial buildings and city infrastructure. Get the job done safely, on time, and with the least disturbance with our team leading the charge. Our services include everything from project planning to site analysis and thorough cleanup. With attention to transparent budgeting and salvage options, we provide all the services you need for a comprehensive and manageable demolition project in Edmonton.

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